SEF's mission is to maintain and enhance the high quality of a Summit, New Jersey public school education through community funding of innovative and essential educational programs, a close working relationship with the school district, and careful review, evaluation and financial oversight of supported initiatives.

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Thanks to You

All 6th graders at LCJSMS received IPADs as part of a grade level pilot program!  Read More.
Renowned children's picture book author Patricia Palocco visited all elementary schools!  Read More
Nine classrooms at LCJSMS received a make-over last spring.  Read Mr. Block's update!  Watch a video about the 21st century classrooms!
Our Casino Night fundraiser raised over $100,000!
Did you know

2013 fall grants totaled over $222,000.  Check out the full list!
SHS' literary magazine receives national honors. Learn More!
By the end of 2014, Mandarin will be available to students from 6th-12th grade due to SEF grants. 
SEF is in the news.  Check out the latest stories.
SEF has a blog on the Summit Patch.  Check it out. 
Think Big

Endowment Fund to reach close to $4 Million by end of 2015. To learn more about this fund, click here.
Over $212,000 from the Endowment Fund has been doled out to support grants. Read about recent grants funded.

All City Ensemble Hits the Right Note
Michael Gleason and Barbara Vierschilling led a group of 5th and 6th graders in a district wide ensemble.  Students were selected for their musical talent and auditioned for a spot in the group.  The grant provided an opportunity for advanced students to play in a large ensemble with full instrumentation.  A total of 26 orchestra and 68 band students participated.  The result sounded fabulous!

Polacco Inspires Elementary Students

Thanks to a recent SEF grant renowned children's author Patricia Polacco visited all Summit elementary schools the week of March 31st.  Her message of a childhood marked by learning difficulties due to dyslexia and her journey to uncover her talents and passions captivated the audience.  Polacco shared with the children the quilt of her childhood as depicted in her book, The Keeping Quilt, which details the lives of four generations of her immigrant Jewish family.  Polacco has written and illustrated over 50 books during her lifetime. 

Brayton Super Alums!

Brayton graduates and current Summit High School juniors, Margo Reigle and Anne Mikkelson, applied for a SEF grant and created the SuperNovas program.  The program is targeted to Brayton girls who are interested in science and engineering. The SuperNovas program meets after school on Tuesdays to conduct experiments. One of the first projects focused on static electricity. Way to give back Margo and Anne and share your love of science!  SEF is proud to support your efforts to inspire the next generation of female scientists.

College Specialist Joins SHS 

 college specialist During the summer, Summit High School hired a new College Specialist, Alison Grill, following approval of a grant from the SEF for the position. Her responsibilities in the Guidance and Counseling Department are two-fold. First, she will provide support to the counselors in their roles as college advisors and to parents and students in the form of workshops on the college admissions process.  Secondly, she will “market” Summit High School to college admissions officers and develop relationships with a broad range of colleges.  Read the full story!

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    Thanks to all those who attended Casino Night!
    Thanks to you,we had a sold out event and raised over $100,000 for SEF grants in our public schools!  
    Event co-chairs, Victoria Carrigan and Aimee Messer along with their committee, put together a very special evening to celebrate and support our students, teachers, and public schools.
    Together we are Creating Possible! 


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In Their Words

"The Brayton Sundial really works.  Now we won't have to ask the aides what time it is at recess!" --excited Brayton elementary student.  Read more about this grant.
"Every time I see Dr. McCauley work it is worth fifteen hours of graduate level music class. He has the ability to teach and inspire like no other person. He is an incredibly dynamic teacher and the students got so much out of it.” --Steven Rapp, SHS music teacher commenting on guest conductor funded by SEF grant.  
"Without the SEF grant supporting the Quintessence Literary Magazine
at SHS, students would miss out on the opportunity to celebrate each other's work."--Emma Cramer, Editor-in-Chief, 12th grade


"The new books SEF funded for our mystery unit are like birthday presents to our readers.  There is an energy and excitement when I tell them we have new books for our classroom library."--Dana Folk, 3rd grade Washington teacher


“Human Rights Day was an eye opening experience and introduced me to real life events as they are actually occurring.  To be exposed to someone like Ron Haviv and his images was a learning experience that I will never forget.”--Matthew Miller, 12th grade
“Due to the pace and demands of the curriculum, it is easy for a teacher to rely on ‘that’s the way it has always been done.’  Whereas, I perceive SEF as the Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder, a source telling me to make a change, a wise decision to benefit and impact our future, our children.”–David Mimnaugh, 4th grade Lincoln-Hubbard teacher 
"The Science Research Program gives me the unique opportunity to explore my interests in depth, which I would be unable to do otherwise.  I have been able to research a topic that I'm interested in and create an authentic project around it.  Going to the science fairs was an excellent experience."
Kristin Miller, 11th grade