Recognition for Summit's Innovators

In 2013, SEF established the Nora Radest Award for Excellence in Education to honor Nora, our past President and board member, whose vision for and dedication to SEF spanned many years. Each year, the award is given to a teacher or administrator who has submitted grants through the SEF process and, in so doing, has greatly enriched the classroom environment and served as a role model to others in the district.  
Doug Orr 2016 Recipient, Mr. Doug Orr
District Supervisor of Technology
SEF presented the 2016 Radest award to Doug Orr, Supervisor of Technology for the Summit School District, on June 15th. Doug has been a big supporter of SEF and an active grant writer for many years, with a strong vision for technology implementation within the District. Among his many SEF grants over the years, Doug introduced Elmo document cameras and smart boards. He was the impetus behind the iPad rollout at the middle school. He also conceived and implemented the Chromebook rollout currently under way at the high school. Doug has his stamp on every technology grant funded by SEF as all must be run by him before funding to ensure that the District can support the technology request. Last year he was named a Top 30 technologist by the Center for Digital Education. 

2015 Recipient, Ms. Loreli Stochaj
Franklin School Librarian
 As an educator in the Summit School District since 1986, Ms. Stochaj has always thought creatively about how to engage and challenge her students. She wrote her first SEF grant for $46, and since then has been involved in over a dozen grants totaling more than $20,000, among them Lego robotics and coding clubs, district-wide author visits, and student gardening projects.  Ms Stochaj also served on the SEF board from 2011-2014, and is still active on the Grants Committee. Congratulations Ms. Stochaj, and thank you for continuing to raise the educational bar in Summit! 


MattBlock  2014 Recipient, Matt Block
 Principal LCJ Summit Middle School
  Mr. Block's leadership on several major grants have  transformed the Summit Middle School experience.  These grants have updated class topics for 8th  grade cycle classes, upgraded all 9 Language Arts  classrooms and the Library Media Center.  In  addition these grants have supported the study of  Mandarin Chinese, the Writing Center,  Inspire  magazine and introduction of iPads to the 6th grade.  Congratulations Mr. Block!



 2013 Recipient, Ms. Cynthia Vitale
Summit High School Science Department 
Ms. Vitale stands out as a high school science educator who has consistently challenged students to further their scientific inquiry through the science research strand program, advanced placement classes, and most recently a grant that funded an online zoology course at the high school.  Ms. Vitale also served on the SEF board as a teacher representative.  SEF salutes Ms. Vitale's dedication to her students and profession and thanks her for modeling the SEF mission in the classroom.  We cannot wait to see what she thinks of next!